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A podcast featuring executives from the world's largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative companies, including Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Simple Mills, RXBAR, Bosch, The Pat Tillman Foundation, PIMCO, and more. Hosted by 3x Inc. 5000 Founder and AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker. In this podcast, you'll hear practical advice and insight on technology, customer experience, co-creation, marketing, leadership, and more to inspire and help you grow. In 2018, The Brand Lab Series™ was named the Top Business and Technology Podcast by the Academy of Interactive Arts at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards. AE Marketing Group is a leading brand and co-creation company. Brian and his team have been featured by Ad Age, Forbes, Branding Magazine, The American Marketing Association, Modern Healthcare, CNBC, and more. Hear all podcast episodes at
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Jul 29, 2019

The health insurance industry as a whole has always lagged behind in terms of customer experience. Jane Hayes, who has spent her entire career at Health Alliance, recently moved into the Chief Experience Officer role. In this episode, Jane explains how she has improved customer experience in an industry with not only historically low customer satisfaction ratings, but also a great deal of regulations.

"Anytime that we get to interact personally with customers, is a great opportunity to learn from them.”

Jul 22, 2019

We live in a digital era. Consumers are technologically empowered and they demand interactions tailored to their digital savviness. Jonathan Copulsky, Professor at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and Medill School of Journalism, and former Deloitte CMO, understands that chatbots are the future of customer experience. Jonathan talks digital transformation, Martech, voice, and more on the Brand Lab Series™ podcast.

"All the things that I do, I learned from watching, observing, and sitting at the knee of others, so I think that’s important to pass on.”

Jul 15, 2019

If you are pitching your products or services with powerpoint presentations, you are not speaking to the modern buyer. Sales enablement equips sellers with the tools, content, and information necessary to effectively sell to today's buyers. Rita Patel Jackson, VP of Product Marketing at Showpad, has spent her career chasing the next big thing in technology. Her resume is full of big brand names including IBM, Motorola, and GE Healthcare.  In this Brand Lab Series™ podcast episode, Rita discusses women in technology, product management, the B2B vs. B2C market, and aligning sales with marketing.

"What sales enablement allows you to do is more than content management, it’s more than learning and development, I think we use those terms and think that they’re really sales enablement, but sales enablement is so much more than that.”

Jul 8, 2019

Marketing, specifically social media marketing, can be very difficult in regulated industries such as healthcare or financial services. These industries have a lot of rules around messaging that can easily stymie creative thinking. Shannon Paul, VP of Brand Content and Social Media at Fifth Third Bank, has broken through the noise and learned how to stay social in financial services. In this episode, Shannon shares her secrets to staying personal and timely on social, she explains what makes a good social media follow, and how to create content that will resonate with your audience.

"There’s definitely some additional considerations we have working in a regulated industry. We have to know where the guard rails are and sometimes the guard rails move."