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A podcast featuring executives from the world's largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative companies, including Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Simple Mills, RXBAR, Bosch, The Pat Tillman Foundation, PIMCO, and more. Hosted by 3x Inc. 5000 Founder and AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker. In this podcast, you'll hear practical advice and insight on technology, customer experience, co-creation, marketing, leadership, and more to inspire and help you grow. In 2018, The Brand Lab Series™ was named the Top Business and Technology Podcast by the Academy of Interactive Arts at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards. AE Marketing Group is a leading brand and co-creation company. Brian and his team have been featured by Ad Age, Forbes, Branding Magazine, The American Marketing Association, Modern Healthcare, CNBC, and more. Hear all podcast episodes at
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Apr 20, 2020

The coronavirus has changed everything.  In the fourth in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about how to rethink Sales and Marketing with Erin Kelly.  Erin is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Network Health, a Wisconsin-based health insurance company.


In this episode with Erin, you’ll learn about…

  • Pivoting Sales in Our New "Virtual Reality"
  • Maintaining Corporate Culture While Working Remote
  • Fostering an Environment of Innovation
  • Giving Back to Local Small Businesses
  • The Secrets of Good Storytelling


"It is about fostering an environment of creativity where everyone is encouraged to put their thinking caps on and throw ideas out there.


Apr 15, 2020
The coronavirus has changed everything.  In the third in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about how to rethink physical and mental health with Allison English.  Allison is a yoga instructor and Founder of Yoga By Allison.  She teaches regularly at Equinox in Chicago and leads yoga retreats worldwide.
In this episode with Allison, you’ll learn about…
  • Handling Anxiety in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Implementing Meditation into your Life
  • The Proliferation of Online Fitness Options
  • Uncertainty as a Soil for Dreams
  • Finding Opportunities for an Extraordinary Pivot
  • Creating and Honoring Boundaries


"I think uncertainty is a wonderful soil for dreams."

Apr 9, 2020
The coronavirus has changed everything.  In the second in a series of special Brand Lab Series™ episodes, we talk about how to rethink business planning with Rob Pasquesi. Rob is the President and CEO of Pasquesi Partners, a cloud-based tax and business strategy firm.  His team advises startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses.  Prior to starting his own firm in 2015, Rob was at Deloitte and Grant Thornton working with some of the world's top companies.
In this episode with Rob, you’ll learn about…
  • Pivoting Your Business Thinking
  • Identifying Unmet Customer Needs
  • Using Speed as an Advantage
  • Communicating in Real-Time with Your Customers
  • What the CARES Act Means for Small Business
  • Business Planning During the Coronavirus
  • Outlook for Small Business and More Stimulus


"Small businesses are pivoting in the face of change and still providing a value-add to their customers and prospects. And when things turn around, which they eventually will, those customers and prospects will never forget that."

If you have questions for Brian or Rob, send us an email ( or use the hashtag #AskBrianAndRob on Twitter.

Apr 5, 2020

Bob Moesta is the President and CEO of ReWired Group, an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg, a guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT, and a research fellow at the Christensen Institute.

In this episode with Bob, you’ll learn about…

  • Finding New Struggling Moments
  • Making the Most of this Anomaly
  • The Importance of Time
  • Intent vs. Perception
  • Iterating to Learn

“It is about putting on a pair of lenses to find the good that come out of this and figuring out what you can do today to get there faster.”